The Power of Effective Digital Marketing in 2015

Jan 13, 2015 | Marketing

If you’re a business owner, it’s extremely important to evaluate your overall marketing strategy for the new year. Prospective clients often come to us for help, frustrated because they aren’t seeing the results they desire.

After analyzing their current efforts, we identify the root problem: unfocused, inconsistent messages and out-of-date marketing. Sometimes the focus is too narrow, using only one channel, like print. Other times, they are missing out on opportunities to connect with customers on different platforms, like social media.

We can empathize. We understand that you are a business owner doing the best you can—and sometimes marketing falls to the end of the long to-do list. However, with the amount of information available to customers, competition is fierce. If you aren’t staying current, you will get left behind.

Studies show that customers are doing more and more research before ultimately making the decision to buy your product or service. The majority of this takes place online. They visit your website, look up reviews, and often check out your social media presence. Everything is taken into account during the buying process.

This is happening across all industries, not just ecommerce. Now is the time to adapt. Think of your website as an employee—the first person shoppers see when they walk in, and the one who gives them information. Your website must be at its best to successfully help customers.

At 212 Media Studios, we work in collaboration with you to develop your digital marketing strategy. Our goal is that our services become an extension of your company’s efforts. We will take the time to fully understand your business, customers, and brand. We apply this information when coming up with a web design. As a client, your website will be visually appealing, featuring complimentary color combinations, intuitive layout, and excellent functions. Your site will display information in a purposeful way that adds value at every point of contact.

212 Media Studios will work with your company to achieve a balance of goals and design.

As you think about the direction of your company and the story you want to tell, ask yourself if your website is functioning as a good employee for your brand. If it’s not, get in touch with us—we’d love to help!


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