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Mar 25, 2013 | Print, Traditional Marketing

Rolled up newspaper

On our march to an all-digital marketing world, something strange happened. A coupon arrived in the mail and we redeemed it. There was a product we needed and the brochure arrived at just the right time so that we were incentivized to buy.

Although we wouldn’t know it by the success of the Post Office, print and direct mail still have a role to play in your marketing mix. It’s the immediacy “thing” of having to do something with that piece that comes in the mail. All of us must do something with that sometimes-annoying mailer—whether it is toss, set aside, or stick on the refrigerator for future reference. It can’t be scrolled past or ignored. We must do something physical to discard it.

I love the French commercial in which the father keeps reminding the family to replace the use of paper with digital. That is until he is seated in a vulnerable position and runs out of TP. At this moment, his wife slides an iPad under the door with a picture of a toilet paper roll displayed (Watch the commercial below). Let’s just say that there are just some applications in which digital tools don’t have the same impact. I would like to share some of those…

High-end Product Marketing

When we go to a car dealership, the expectation is that we will receive a UV-coated brochure masterpiece. I love to hold these in my hand the first time (before they become smudged with fingerprints).  The look and feel of these brochures denotes the quality of the product.

Hand-to-hand Marketing

Again the tactile experience of holding a brochure in hand is a big factor. This is just something that can’t be duplicated in the 2-D world. Whether it’s the special texture of a paper stock, an unexpected fold or a special die-cut or embossment, we like things that involve our sense of touch. Also, it is one of the most inexpensive ways to have a “leave-behind” for sales prospecting.

Incentive-based Marketing

Admit it. We love coupons and the sense of getting a “deal.” Why else would Kohl’s cram your mailbox and newspaper full of catalogs and deal cards? It works or they wouldn’t invest millions in it. They know the human (or perhaps mostly American) inclination towards not missing out on sale items. We all believe in “no deal left behind” when it comes to those expiration dates.

First Impression Marketing

The customer’s expectation is that literature will accompany a sales presentation. Why not present your company “brand” in a cohesive, well-designed manner? Even the business ensemble is expected to reinforce the image and customer expectation of professionalism. How many times have we disregarded a product or service because the print promotional materials have been weak or non-existent?

Print communications are not a total solution. They are just part of one. They play a role in a much broader marketing mix that helps do the job of communicating effectively to your audience. We at 212 Media Studios love to help clients find the right balance.

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Jeff Secaur
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