Achieving National Brand Awareness

With cutting-edge products designed to help corn and grain farmers increase their yield, Headsight Harvesting Solutions, Inc. had everything it needed to become an industry leader and trusted partner for farmers across the country—except a marketing strategy. Without brand awareness, Headsight’s industry-leading technology went overlooked.

Headsight asked 212 Media Studios to create a promotional video about its products, but 212 saw beyond Headsight’s short-term goals to a more in-depth strategy that would maximize Headsight’s revenue.

Customized Marketing Strategy

212 conducted thorough research on the agriculture industry to learn which platforms and media would effectively reach potential customers. Through an intensive, two-day planning session with Headsight’s team, 212 collected the information necessary to create a comprehensive, 40-page strategy that would engage Headsight’s audience. Tactics included:

Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth

212 has become Headsight’s trusted marketing partner, taking responsibility for new collateral, design projects, and targeted sales campaigns. By annually revisiting Headsight’s needs and analyzing current events, 212 can implement effective initiatives that reach new audiences and cement Headsight’s brand as an industry leader.