Using Untapped Channels to Increase Leads

After 25 years of successful business, Professional Medical Services (PMS) needed a new strategy to penetrate the marketplace and engage prospective clients. The executive team wanted to capitalize on previously unused channels to launch a marketing initiative that would establish their company as an industry leader.

212 Media Studios was hired to design a comprehensive plan that would augment Professional Medical Services’ existing strategy, promote their value proposition, and build trusted relationships with new leads. PMS needed a committed marketing partner who could deliver on the promise of success.

Expanding Brand Awareness & Lead Engagement

With synchronized email and social media campaigns, 212 launched a cohesive message that promoted Professional Medical Services’ healthcare expertise. Using an inbound marketing strategy, 212 encouraged prospective clients to reach out to PMS organically—enabling sales representatives to interact directly with interested parties. The strategy included:

  • Expert Content Development
  • Case Study Creation
  • Targeted Email Campaigns
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Event Marketing Strategy
  • Paid LinkedIn Advertising

Increasing Leads & Revenue

In the first year of partnership, PMS saw a 40% increase in revenue. Today, 212 continues to deliver targeted emails to thousands of carefully curated contacts, resulting in click and download rates more than three times the industry average—and a consistent stream of new leads to expand PMS’s client base.