High-Quality Designs with Efficiency in Mind

As a staple in the Midwest, Pro Wake Watersports has always valued a strong connection to community. But, as their business expanded to more locations, the need for quality designs in a timely manner became all the more evident. When their partner pulled out of a significant design project at the 11th hour, Pro Wake reached out to 212 Media Studios to save the day.


With a full-time design department at the ready, Pro Wake enlisted 212’s experienced team to create high-end materials for a national campaign. 212 delivered on time and under budget and impressed the Pro Wake partners to the point of new marketing opportunities.  


Pro Wake partnered with 212 Media Studios to create high-end designs delivered on time and under budget.

In preparation for an event featuring Tony Stewart and Leah Pruett, Pro Wake required an expert team of designers to produce promotional pieces with an exceptionally fast turnaround. 212 had an excellent track record of being attentive and responsive to clients’ needs. By partnering with 212, Pro Wake ensured all its designs came in on time—without compromising on quality.