Launching a New Product

into the Crowded GRC Market

After developing a revolutionary platform that could streamline and simplify GRC initiatives, TruOps Risk Management required a comprehensive plan to launch and promote its product in a saturated industry.

While competing businesses had significant budgets for marketing and decades of industry brand awareness, TruOps was a new company that hadn’t established any branding activities. TruOps needed a marketing partner to deliver the right message to the right audience, while providing personalized direction.

Comprehensive, Multi-Pronged Strategy

212 researched and identified TruOps’ key differentiators, target audiences, and ideal messages to create a multi-tiered strategy that would position the company as a trusted partner and industry expert rather than a start-up. To establish brand awareness and engage leads, 212 developed a 12-month plan for TruOps, which included:

  • Full-service marketing strategy
  • Inbound marketing program
  • Creation of blogs, white papers, & case studies
  • Multi-tiered email campaigns
  • Complete event marketing strategy
  • Paid LinkedIn advertising
  • LinkedIn posting campaign

Maximum Responsiveness

212’s long-term plan evolved with the product itself, adapting to industry trends and demands. With a cohesive, flexible strategy that served content to more than 25,000 prospects, TruOps now receives more than 35 sales and demo requests per month—consistently resulting in new leads across the United States and EMEA.