Proven Reasons for Your Business to Support Non-Profits

Nov 26, 2019 | 212 Articles, Business, Communication, Community, Giving, Leadership, Non-Profit Organizations, Productivity, Reputation

Altruism and generosity have been proven to make people happier and healthier. When businesses invest time and money into non-profits, they don’t just set themselves up for success—they also enrich the work environment for employees, establish credibility with customers, and contribute to healthier communities.

Instead of writing one check in December and being done for the year, consider the enormous potential of a sustained spirit of generosity:

Employee Motivation and Bonding
Millennial and iGeneration workers want to know that their employers have hearts. They yearn to make the world a better place. They don’t want to see their bosses as profit-driven capitalists, but as real people who take social causes seriously. Providing opportunities for staff to give back corporately—whether through finances or time—can greatly increase job satisfaction.

Moreover, according to Forbes, today’s workers stay in their jobs because of bonds with co-workers and belief in their company’s mission and purpose. 212 Media Studios Chief Marketing Officer David Phelps has seen firsthand how community involvement affects his employees. “When our team has the chance to get out of the office and make a tangible difference for our neighbors, we come away from the experience with renewed energy and a sense of purpose for the rest of our work,” Phelps says. “The satisfaction that comes from helping others makes everyone on my team do their day-to-day jobs better.”

Read our white paper for more about how community involvement positively impacts your employees!

Customer Values and Loyalty
A business’ social impact matters, and consumers are paying close attention. Consider these statistics:

  • A Nielsen report found that 66% of consumers said they were willing to pay more for sustainable brands.
  • In a Cox Business survey of more than 1,100 consumers, 71% of respondents said they would spend more money at a small business if it supported a social cause.
  • 90% of consumers want companies to tell them the ways they’re supporting causes.
  • 78% of Americans believe companies must do most than just make money—they must positively impact society as well—and 77% feel a stronger emotional connection to purpose-driven companies over traditional companies.

Community Strength
Giving back builds bridges in the community. Without a good relationship with local organizations, you may find that your success is superficial and short-lived. Showing generosity in the community improves your rapport and results in a better place to live and work for business owners, employees, and residents alike. It has a knock-on effect: Fixing up local parks or donating to schools gives children safer places to learn and play—which impacts not just community members, but also employees’ families. Sponsoring a charity event reminds people that you are for them. Choosing to be intentional in your city will contribute to its strength.

Giving back shouldn’t be reserved for the holidays. Find your passion and support a cause today. Let’s save the world together. 




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