Pure Luck: Take Advantage of Opportunities

Mar 17, 2015 | 212 Media Studios

Opportunity: a word everyone both loves and fears. Why? Because it provides people with the chance to change, improve, or start something new. People dream of changing their lives for the better, yet fear how this opportunity may take them out of their comfort zones. But, what is the point of an opportunity if you do not take advantage of it?

Sometimes opportunities happen by pure luck—and you need to jump on these chances.

Bobby Unser, a retired American automobile racer who won the Indianapolis 500 three times, knew what opportunity and pure luck looked like on the track. According to Unser, “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” Your business may have pure luck with an opportunity that appears, but you need to be ready for it, just like on the racetrack.

Use your fortuity to your advantage and be ready to maximize opportunities by:

  1. Preparing for Opportunities. What happens if an amazing opportunity appears by pure luck, but you have to deny it because you are not ready? Preparing mentally and financially allows you to embrace change. Being fortunate enough to receive an abundance of opportunities is rare, but when it does happen, you need to be ready.
  2. Looking for Opportunities. Actively seek chances for your business to succeed. You cannot wait for the right occasion to knock on your door; instead, search for breaks to help your business.
  3. Acting on Opportunities. Are you equipped to use your stroke of luck to your benefit? When opportunities come your way, act right away. By responding quickly, you can take full advantage of chances to excel. Don’t be afraid of change.

When luck comes your way, do not be shocked or overwhelmed. Maybe your business is a ski resort, and a huge blizzard covers your mountains in snow—making the perfect conditions for a busy day. Or perhaps your company sells ice cream, and today’s temperature hits a record high. Take advantage of your opportunity! You did nothing to create your luck, but your preparation, watchful eye, and action can produce the perfect recipe for success.

When your business is struck by luck, jump on the opportunity and take off!


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