Rabb Water: Why Give?

Dec 5, 2014 | 212 Media Studios, 25 Days of Christmas, Giving, Holiday, storytelling

At 212 Media Studios, we believe that giving is more than just something you should do out of habit every December. It is really important—and can literally change both the recipient and the giver. That’s why this holiday season, 212 Media Studios is spending 12 days focusing exclusively on what it means to give.

Did you know that 780 million people lack access to clean water, and 3.4 million of those die every year from a water-related disease? Clean water is a most basic need that a large part of the world goes without. But Rabb Water, a Warsaw-based company, is doing its best to change that in north-central Indiana and other areas of the world.

Co-owner Don Clemons, who has been with Rabb since 1977, has a reputatiDSC_2444on of generosity in his community—and his business is no exception. “Most often we give to everybody who asks. The majority of our giving is in the form of bottled water. Whether it’s 5K runs, or benefit auctions, bottled water can be an integral part of that event. Giving water is important because it is our product, and people need it.”

Rabb is currently in the process of working with MudLOVE and Water for Good.

“They are a classic example of giving back to the Lord,” Don said. “I believe the consumers like that—whether they believe in God or not. The world would say that is our DNA make-up, to give to others, but I believe it is because we are made in the image of God.”

Don and his co-owner/brother George Clemons also are passionate about giving monetarily to Right To Life.

“A business has to survive, so we ask recipients if they will advertise that we gave. And in 1988 I asked Right To Life that question, and they were under the impression that we wouldn’t want our name associated with them in the public eye. I assured them we weren’t afraid of anybody, and we want to proclaim that we believe in life at conception—and that changed everything in giving for them. I don’t want to take any credit for that—that was the Lord working through me; I am sure.”

Through Rabb’s giving, Kosciusko County’s Right To Life organization has grown phenomenally, becoming one of best Right To Life organizations in the country.

But this water company doesn’t stop giving there.

“Another ministry we support is Men Following Christ. My brother and I are firm believers that the man needs to step up and take control of his life, his marriage, and his family, and we support that ministry. A couple thousand men have attended. We have about 100 to 150 during any month, representing 30 to 40 churches. It is all about 2 Timothy 2:2. And it is about ministry in the marketplace. The greatest harvest field, in our opinion, is the marketplace. If you look at Jesus’ miracles, most of them were done in the marketplace. If you look at his parables, most of them had to do with business/marketplace influence, not church.”

While Rabb owners make their Christian values and beliefs plain, they do not force them on any employees. “Many of them are supportive of our giving and are happy that we do, and feel like part of an organization that makes a difference in the community.”

But why does Rabb Water give in the first place?

  1. We reap what we sow.
    “Over in Whitley County we are not as well known, but we became part of the Right To Life organization there and became a gold sponsor to their event. Afterward, we received a couple of phone calls from people, requesting water softener replacements. When we asked why they called us, they said, ‘Well, because you support Right To Life.’ We have heard that numerous times, or they have said, ‘We just know you guys give a lot to the community, and we want to support a business that does that.’”Don added, “Whatever I have given, I have gotten back if not twofold, then tenfold…and that is true for the company, too.”
  2. For God’s glory.
    “I say I am the owner of the business, but actually, it has been bequeathed to me by God. We are stewards of what He gives us, and it is biblical to give back to Him what is His anyway. We give glory to God for that because He deserves it.”

Why do you give? Sometimes that matters a whole lot more than what you give.

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