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Dec 16, 2013 | Social Media

Social Media

Debra Ellis wisely said, “You are more likely to win the lottery than create a profitable idea virus.”

That statement could summarize this article, and I could call it a day. But, I want to encourage those using media for their businesses—just because you’re not going viral doesn’t mean you need to stop.

Expectations are practically meant to be broken; you can quote me on that. (The sad part is that I’m actually a “glass half full” kind of guy.) However, companies like GoPro and AXE, or movie projects like The Hunger Games, that post and immediately have 10,000 likes/favorites, 5,000 comments/retweets, and 500 shares ruin it for those of us in small or medium companies. It would be easy to compare ourselves to The Hunger Games and think, “Nobody even sees what I post.”

So, let’s consider what is most important.

The main thing to focus on, especially when starting out, is your “reach.” This shows how many people saw a post, which is what the goal actually is. Let’s say you run a heating and cooling company and post about your products or sales. This type of content is not something people will generally “like” on Facebook. However, when their furnace kicks off in the middle of winter, they will remember your company because they’ve seen your messages on social media.

If a post doesn’t get 100 likes, that doesn’t mean it failed—absolutely not. Consider what you are offering, and whether it’s something that naturally excites people. Think of what you interact with on social media personally. Remember your market and audience. It’s okay to let yourself off the hook for not having posts that are going viral.

If you have questions about why reach is so important, or would like to discuss practical goals for your company, or even want to give feedback about these ideas, we would love to have a conversation with you. Comment below or email us at

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