Remote Risk Management: Protecting Your Vulnerabilities

Feb 17, 2021 | 212 Articles, Remote Working, Risk Management

Corporate executives and their network security teams’ lives have become much more difficult since the rise of the novel coronavirus in 2020. The transition to remote work was necessary, but the speed at which it was executed forced security teams to quickly develop ways of keeping sensitive information safe—and in some cases, it has left little to be desired. Use the tips in our eBook to be proactive against growing risks.

Financial records, employee data, and private files are more at risk than they’ve ever been. The shift to a remote environment has introduced a myriad of problems. These are just a few risks your executives should be constantly assessing:

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Remote Wi-Fi Systems
Most employees’ home networks are teeming with vulnerabilities; they are susceptible to snooping, hacking, and data capture. Weak passwords and un-encrypted files are easy targets for systems to be infiltrated, and it is challenging for administrators to manage employees’ security practices from afar.

Video Conferences
Current telecommunication practices, such as online calls, must be closely monitored for weaknesses. Un-encrypted emails and the transfer of sensitive information over video or the telephone increases the possibility of a data breach. Training is essential. Establishing standards for employees will help you create concrete expectations, thereby strengthening your company’s risk management.

Limited IT Access
When everyone is working in the same building, your IT team can fix problems quickly and efficiently. All it takes is a short phone call or email to summon an expert. However, if a remote employee’s technology requires attention, IT teams are cut off from the normal response and remediation resources. The typical security breach costs companies an average of $8.94 million—and that’s before factoring in remote costs. Without a risk management strategy, your entire organization could be shaken by a single mistake.

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