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Feb 7, 2013 | Brand, Marketing, Traditional Marketing

In a society where competition between companies to catch the attention of consumers is heavy and effort to secure a positive image in as many people’s minds as possible is imperative, businesses are adopting numerous ways to make their names known. Among the many techniques that companies utilize to market their brand, product, company, and so on, an increasingly popular practice is the endorsement of people, products, and events through sponsorship. Not only does the utilization of sponsorship add another tool to a company’s tool belt, but it also brings about many other benefits.

Among the many benefits of a sponsorship and perhaps the most significant is the exposure of a business to clients, employees, customers, and hopefully, future clients and customers. For example, Nike gets tremendous product and company exposure through the endorsements of well-known athletes such as Tiger Woods and LeBron James. Chances are, when you see these athletes, they are sporting this brand. And this constant exposure produces major benefits for not only the athletes, but most importantly, the companies. The brand, in ideal scenarios, becomes somewhat synonymous with the athlete.

Tiger Woods
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For this reason, many companies choose to sponsor athletes; sports are a major part of today’s entertainment, which provides the perfect chance for companies to market themselves. With that being said, it is important for a company to endorse people and products that are viewed positively by the public to create a positive image of the company. Realistically, if a company chooses to endorse someone or something that has produced unsatisfactory results in the eyes of the majority, the company will most likely be viewed in this same negative light.

The great thing about this marketing tool is that your company does not have to sign an endorsement deal with a Hollywood star or professional athlete to reap the benefits of a sponsorship. Here at 212 Media Studios, we take part in activities similar to that of a sponsorship that benefit our business and others in the community. For example, the company recently designed t-shirts that were thrown out at the half time period of the boys’ high school basketball game. In this simple activity, we were able to help create entertainment and enthusiasm in the half time portion of the game, which was beneficial to the boy’s team and school as well as create the opportunity to put the 212 Media Studios brand on the back of the young and old of the Warsaw community and expose the name to the individuals of the opposing community. Something as simple as an orange t-shirt with the brand name on the back could have been the trigger to arousing interest in a potential client or introducing the company to someone who has not heard the name.

Most importantly, however, this simple endorsement was wonderful publicity for the company and instilled a positive image in the minds of those who have direct influence on the success of the business. Furthermore, this endorsement produces lasting benefits; one of these being the positive relationship that is developed between client and company. 212 Media Studios offering support and affirmation to the school and athletic event can build trust between the school and company open the door for collaboration.

Sponsorship can be as simple as donating rubber bracelets with a company’s logo or brand incorporated in the design or as extensive as being the main sponsor of a large charity event. But whatever the situation, choosing to endorse a good cause or trustworthy people or products benefits both ends and can bring numerous short and long term effects that make this marketing tool worth while.

Alex Sanchez
Alex Sanchez
Marketing Intern

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