Do You See Your Company Through Rose-Colored Glasses?

Feb 18, 2016 | 212 Articles, Uncategorized

That phrase is normally something that sounds negative, right? We sometimes minimize those who go through life “Pollyanna-ish.” Our business world (and maybe our world in general) has become cynical over the years. Those with a positive outlook, thinking everything will be all right, are dismissed for not being realists.

But what if you had a rose-colored approach to your business? What if you were the kind of realist who sees the glass as half full? What if that barrier actually has a pathway through it? Finding a win-win solution is better than just “What’s in it for me?”

When we view the world in this way, doors open for us, stress can melt away, and the sunny side of the street seems to be on both sides!

If you lead the way, your employees will follow. If you instill this attitude in them, they’ll begin to live it. Imagine how positive that will be for your clients, your co-workers, and your peers? What changes might you see?

  • Employees strive for the common good and success of the team instead of individual goals and rewards.
  • Challenges become opportunities, just waiting for a solution.
  • Hard conversations are discussed openly and honestly, as adults. No more petty back-biting. No one retreats to their corner to pout.
  • Chances are taken. Risks are rewarded. You’re able to find a new way to solve the problem versus trying the same old tired things over and over again.
  • Everyone watches everyone else’s backs and supports their partners. The “me, me, me” attitude melts away.

Imagine how much better your work environment will be. Imagine how great it will be to come to work every day. Imagine the positive impact you’ll have on the world around you!

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