Should I Pay For a Professional Video?

Nov 4, 2013 | Brand, Communication, Professionalism, storytelling, Technology, Video

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If we didn’t need it so badly, it wouldn’t matter to any of us, right? The struggle lies in the fact that you work so hard for it, but it only seems to go so far. We’re all trying to find ways to make sure we don’t end up with too much month at the end of the money.

So how do you decide where it goes? Should you drop a chunk of your hard-earned Washingtons on a professional-grade video instead of purchasing a handi-cam at Target and just making one yourself? Hopefully, you’ll know the right answer by the end of this article.

What is professional video? In today’s world of high-definition mobile phones and Instagram filters, everyone’s a professional, right? 

Short answer? No.

A lot of video companies and freelancers are out there, and you can bet that nearly every one of them would call themselves professional. But just because a freckle-faced high school graduate used his tuition loan to buy a fancy camera, and spends his weekends doing wedding gigs, doesn’t mean he’s qualified to create a product that will be the face of your company.

Professional videographers will know who you are. They take time to listen to you, your story, your dreams, and your aspirations. They want to see the whole picture. They immerse themselves in your culture because you are important to them—and it is important to them that your business grows. Your customers are valuable to them. 

Professionals will also do what it takes to make sure you receive the product you need. Not all cameras and gear are the same. In fact, they are all very different. A professional company, through knowing your story, will know exactly what type of camera and gear it needs to use to create the best product for you. Just because a company has a camera in house doesn’t mean it will do what you need. Most professionals have access to a wide range of rental gear that can be fine-tuned to make sure your video project is dialed in with precision.

Professionals will be proud of their products and have samples for you to see. It is impossible to fake a good video product—it is either good, or it isn’t. Ask your video company to see their reel or samples, and allow your eyes and ears to make the final call. Ultimately, if a professional company is capable of taking on your project, the proof will be in the pudding. (Yum.)

Your video project will be the face of your company. Do you really want a “Used car sale: Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!” type of product representing you and your hard work? Budget well, and don’t settle when it comes to your video project. In most cases, you get what you pay for. Use the characteristics above to make a wise decision, and don’t sell yourself short. Your business is worth it.

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Scott Devlin
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