Should Your Company be on Google+

Aug 8, 2012 | Uncategorized

The very short and easy answer is Yes! Absolutely! However, to avoid writing one of the shortest blog posts of all time, I will share a little about why it is important to be on Google+ and some of the great benefits you will gain by joining!

Google+ is a great social media platform for all businesses, especially small businesses. Lately Google+ has been thought of as a lowly, second tier platform. I even sometimes find myself thinking “Is there anyone actually on Google+?”. If powerhouse brands like Coca-Cola and Nike don’t even have 1 million +1’s I find it difficult to believe there are many people using it. But there definitely are, just ask Ford about their 1 million circle members!

One of the best benefits of having a Google+ account is that it can actually increase your businesses SEO on Google. In other words, just by having a presence on a social media platform provided by Google, you get improved search results. A no brainer right? Right!

Google+ also provides “Hangouts” which can be used as an online meeting host for smaller businesses. It allows members to share documents and invite anyone who has a Gmail email account. This can make for excellent “on the fly” meetings and easy information sharing!

We at 212 Media Studios are really liking what Google is offering through Google+. These two features alone make having a Google+ page beneficial, not to mention all of the other great features.  I personally am really starting to appreciate the intuitive and easy navigation of the site itself and how well it blends with my Gmail and Google Drive. It is all in one place and that is incredibly convenient!

All of our social media clients here at PPM get a Google+ page as a part of what we offer. More and more this is becoming an invaluable benefit for our clients! As Google+ continues to grow so does our knowledge and use of the platform!

Dustin Hickle- Media Specialist

Are you on Google+? What do you think of it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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