How to Show Your Clients You Appreciate Them

Nov 25, 2014 | Communication, Customer Service, Giving, Holiday

Your customers are awesome. Not only can you have great relationships with them and look forward to the next time they stop in—but they are also your everyday heroes. Without them, you wouldn’t have a business.

Knowing you love your clients and actually showing it are two different things. Sometimes communicating how much you appreciate your customers is difficult.

Here is some advice from a few of 212 Media Studios’ Community Managers:

  1. Deliver.

“I have found that the best way to show my appreciation is by giving my word and following through on what I propose. It means treating every client special, and with a commitment to their company’s goals and success. It means giving my undivided time, attention, and efforts, as well as empathizing when needed, and providing my best solutions.” –Kayla Garza

“I appreciate my clients through fast response times and delivering on-time solutions. I also think it is really important to listen to their needs rather than just sell them something I want to sell.” –David Phelps

“I show appreciation for my clients by actually treating them like they are appreciated—because they are! This means doing what you say you’ll do. It means being on time. Don’t look at your phone or computer when you’re with them. It means solving problems for them, even encouraging them in their pursuit of success. Be there for them when they need help.” –Chris Bada

“Always be available to them—even if it’s to say you’ll have to get back to them. Smile while talking on the phone (it really comes across in your tone). Be their advocate.” —David Phelps

  1. Be intentional.

“Everyone appreciates gifts at Christmas, but it’s the day-to-day that really matters.” –Chris Bada

“Be intentional by sending thoughtful gifts. Look for opportunities to provide exceptional service. Use the resources and skills you have to benefit clients—like taking photos for free with a high-quality camera.” –Kayla Garza

  1. Listen.

“Remember that it’s not a client or company you are working with; it’s someone who has personal struggles and goals, and wants to succeed just as much as you do. Keeping this in mind can help frame your perspective for opportunities to show gratitude and do something unexpected.” –Kayla Garza

“Remember that the customer is not always right, but the customer is always the customer! His/her needs are important—but ask questions to better understand what they are. This goes beyond just listening to the words they’re saying.” –David Phelps

  1. Talk.

“Tell them how important they are to you and how much you appreciate that they take time to work with you, out of all of their options.” –Chris Bada


Now that we have shared a few of our tips, we would love to hear some of yours. How do you show customer appreciation? Or as a customer, how do you feel appreciated? Please share in the comments below.

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