Luxuries of a Small Agency

May 16, 2017 | 212 Articles, Marketing, Partnership

Finding a marketing agency is not difficult. Plenty of legitimate marketing firms will take your money and deliver a strategy to drive your sales. But is that all you want out of your marketing partnership? With today’s tightening budgets and weak consumer spending, shouldn’t you get more from your marketing agency?

It’s no coincidence that the tides are turning. Companies, especially sizable ones, are turning to smaller agencies. You are probably wondering, “What could a small agency possibly possess that a larger agency wouldn’t?” I’m glad you asked.

You are the Focus

In today’s market, businesses require more innovation, more attention, and more creativity. Smaller agencies can deliver these with an authenticity that larger players are simply unable to provide—their client lists are too long, and needs too great. Smaller agencies often demonstrate a greater respect for their larger clients because those clients are the most important to the company.

Unmatched Accessibility

You’ve probably had a bad experience with an automated communication system used by a large corporation. It is no different with big marketing firms; you are certain to encounter multiple levels of supervisors, shareholders, and other regulatory-necessitated employees who add a degree of sluggishness, not to mention convoluted hierarchy. This sluggishness means more than just a few extra minutes on your phone calls. Upon calling, you will probably speak with a receptionist, be transferred, talk to the wrong person for a minute, be transferred again, wait for the next specialist to answer, be forced to leave a voicemail message, and then start all over again an hour later. In contrast, when you call a fully qualified, smaller agency you can access the CMO or owner within seconds.


Unparalleled Expertise

I know what you’re thinking: “How could this be? Don’t large agencies expand because of their quality and success?” Not necessarily—the world is shrinking. Gone are the days when the big guys had any distinct advantage over smaller agencies. Today, through the power of the connected, digital world, smaller agencies have the same level of access to high-end printers, custom merchandise, niche training, and even freelance specialists. Big firms may have tried-and-true marketing methods, but they lack the ability to quickly and efficiently adapt to a rapidly changing culture and consumer landscape. Staying ahead of the curve takes the commitment and excellence of a swift, market-focused team.

Freedom from Corporate Bondage

Small agencies are untethered to corporate bureaucracy and, therefore, tend to be far more approachable. This means a welcoming atmosphere for you and happy employees for the agency. Happy employees are more creative, more innovative, and freer to think outside the box.

Smaller agencies are uniquely equipped to offer a higher, more personal, and more immediate level of customer care. These traits are beneficial to any business, big or small. 212 Media Studios is one of the small marketing agencies described above. We are dedicated to helping each client strengthen its brand, reach its target audience, and bolster its bottom line. Get in touch with us today and let us show you how our dedicated, unique approach to marketing can be an enormous asset to your business.

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