Small Business Social Media Basics: Facebook

Dec 2, 2013 | Small Business, Social Media

Facebook has become an essential part of marketing for smaller businesses. It is a prime opportunity for any company to expand and grow its customer base. But a lot of organizations don’t know how to use this tool effectively. First, we need to understand how Facebook is a successful marketing tool.

Facebook is important for businesses for many reasons. The biggest is the fact that it is the most popular website worldwide. In March, Facebook claimed 1.11 billion users. The average user has around 130 friends, and more than 30 billion pieces of content are shared monthly. Facebook is where people are spending their time and where they share information.

Creating a personal Facebook profile for your business has proven to be less effective. Instead, create a fan page. This will open up more opportunities and provide better marketing capabilities than a personal page.

To create a fan page, select the “More” option that appears on the left side of your personal page.

More options personal facebook page

When you land on the next page you will see a large “Create Page” button near the top right of the page.

Facebook create page button

The next step is to select your type of organization and enter the right credentials.

Facebook select organization type

After your page is set up, you are ready to begin adding content, such as photos and basic information about your company.

Remember that Facebook is different from other marketing platforms. It revolves around being social, not endless promotions and advertisements. Your posts should be a mix of both promotions and social engagement. Yes, promotions have their place on Facebook, but when users log in, they want to be social, not see an infinite array of promotions. Use Facebook to engage and build relationships with clients and potential customers.

These are the basics of Facebook, why businesses should use it, how to start, and a brief look at what you should post on your Facebook. How can you use this information? What works for your company?

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