Social Media: A Great Inbound Marketing Tool

Aug 23, 2013 | Facebook, Inbound Marketing, Instagram, Pinterest, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Twitter

Inbound marketing elements

The first step of inbound marketing is using outstanding content to attract leads. Unlike traditional marketing, inbound marketing attempts to maximize the number of ways the consumer can find and connect with you. Social media is the best tool for achieving this connection.

In many ways, social media can be viewed as the most proactive, even aggressive facet of inbound marketing. Think about it: your website and blog, where content is actually published, just wait to be found. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps their chances, but they don’t reach out directly to the consumer. Social media is the arm that reaches out.

Plenty of small-business people treat social media as a conversation with customers, but thinking about it that way severely limits its potential. Social media success should be measurable in revenue—actual dollars and cents—and leads.

Here are four steps to converting social media traffic into leads and ultimately revenue:

  1. Build your reach by sharing plenty of links to helpful media and content. The average shelf life of each post is three hours, so post often. Invite contacts to follow you through email marketing.
  2. Maximize content discovery by sharing it in a consistent stream on all your social networks. Create calls-to-action (CTAs) that offer content in exchange for contact information. Place them in Facebook posts, tweets, and blog posts.
  3. Test your methods by experimenting with the types of content you offer, designs of CTAs, and wording of social media posts. You may think you know what people want, but experimentation often proves that people want something different. Install social media analytics (like Google Analytics) to analyze and learn from your tests.
  4. Optimize your conversion rates and traffic. Once you have the results of your experiments, you can increase conversion rates. If a certain type of content or CTA design achieves a remarkable conversion rate, offer them more frequently.

Follow these steps to get your social media lead engine humming.

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