Spring Cleaning (Minus the Cleaning)

Apr 25, 2014 | Good Working Environment

Organized desk

Spring is in the air (finally), and we’re ready for some changes around here. But those changes shouldn’t be limited to the weather. The idea of spring cleaning makes most people cringe, but here are some simple ways to put a spring back into your step at work.

Personal Workspace Tips

One of the biggest keys to spring cleaning is “de-cluttering.” Clutter can take away from productivity and even have a negative effect on how people (fellow employees and clients alike) perceive you and your abilities. Here are some tips to help eliminate clutter and maintain a good working environment.

Only keep necessities nearby.

Your prime working space should stay relatively clear. Other than your computer essentials, try to keep only a few pens, a notebook or post-its, and perhaps a picture or two in your most-used workspace. Set limits on how much “stuff” you keep around. Often it’s not a matter of not having enough space, but of having too much clutter.

Set aside zones for specific items.

Once you decide what’s worth staying on your desk and what should be stored elsewhere, designate a place for everything. This has a dual purpose: keeping your workspace clutter-free, while also improving organization. When you have spaces set aside for personal items, extra supplies, and paperwork, you know exactly where to put something (out of the way), but can still easily find it when you need it.

Remember your computer.

Spring cleaning isn’t limited to your physical space. Digital clutter can be just a distracting and overwhelming. Take some time to sort through the files on your computer. Limit and organize your desktop icons, create folders to collect miscellaneous files floating around, and get rid of outdated or unnecessary items. For a change of scenery, find a new desktop wallpaper that will bring a smile to your face.


For another change of scenery, since you can’t ditch your desk for a chair on the beach and sunshine on your face, take some time to rearrange your office. Try turning your desk the other way or switching your filing cabinet from the left side to the right. It may not be the transformation you’re dreaming of, but it can be refreshing nonetheless. If you don’t have much space to play around with, try putting a plant in the corner, hanging a new picture, or using a scented wall plug-in to spruce things up a bit.

General Office Improvement

Yes, spring cleaning implies actual cleaning, but other office improvements can have the same effect (though cleaning certainly doesn’t hurt). Consider a few changes you can make in the building to give off that fresh spring feeling.


If you can, replace the typical harsh office lighting with something softer. This can bring a homier feel to the office, making a more relaxed setting.


If the walls are looking dingy, or if you want to add a pop of color, slapping on some new paint can be a simple change that makes a big difference.


Another easy way to add some color and character to an office is to hang some new artwork around. Maybe skip the TEAMWORK and PERSEVERANCE posters and go for canvas art.

What are your workspace spring cleaning tips? How do you freshen things up around the office?

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