Stop Surviving! It’s Time to Let Marketing Help You Thrive

Jul 7, 2015 | Advertising, Brand, Business, Inbound Marketing, Marketing

Imagine a life in which you don’t have to worry about whether or not your enterprise will survive the year. Imagine a life that allows you to look at potential clients or employees and give them, with certainty, a plan for the future.

It’s time to stop just barely making it. It’s time to thrive.

Marketing is more vital than ever in today’s technology-driven world—there is no way around it. In fact, we believe that the ultimate success of your business depends on the effectiveness of its marketing. “Marketing” is a very broad term, heavily misunderstood by many outside of the industry. Some people only associate it with social media or advertisements posted around town. However, skilled marketing teams are able to do much more than simply write clever Facebook posts or hang a few posters. A powerful marketing team will make its presence known in various ways:

Brand Awareness

Successful marketing teams enhance and improve your target audience’s awareness of your brand and the needs you can meet. Your buyer persona should be very conscious of your product or service. When they encounter a question that you have the answer to, they should recall your marketing efforts. However, without top-notch marketing, your audience may not even be aware of what you can do for them at all. True marketing allows your unique and high-quality product or service to go where word of mouth may never reach—in other words, it establishes brand awareness.

Allows You to Compete

Marketing is everywhere, and I literally mean everywhere. Open a new tab and visit your favorite website or social media outlet. I am willing to bet there’s an ad on the left, right, top, bottom, or even completely surrounding the page. These ads are keeping their owners’ names in the minds of their target market. In order to compete with the giants in your industry, you simply must market yourself effectively, focusing on your strengths. For example, if you are a small business, talk about the personable, approachable side of your company. Use this attribute to your advantage against the Goliaths you’re facing.


Your business’ reputation can skyrocket you to unimaginable levels, or take it spiraling to the ground. Marketing doesn’t just build brand recognition, but also tells stories. Without any marketing, your target audience may never hear of the great experiences that your hard work produces. Compile a few positive reviews within your community, and suddenly you have the potential to become a trustworthy staple in your area—and beyond.

Increase Sales

Obviously, if you’re going to spend money on marketing, it must have a return. By combining all the ideas mentioned above, marketing can increase your sales exponentially. Excellent marketing puts your product on the radar, with the essential goal of staying in consumers’ minds—which means ensuring the target interacts with enough content to keep you on his mind and eventually lead to a purchase. Once your marketing brings in a new customer, he can essentially become a part of your marketing. If you provide a great product and excellent service, he will naturally tell friends and family about the wonderful experience with you.

As with any other sales strategy, a marketing team does not guarantee your business will bolster its spot in Forbes’ 500 List. For a marketing team to be successful, it takes many talented, hardworking, and selfless men and women working together to achieve common goals of improving your company as a whole. Finding a truly effective marketing team can be a goldmine for your business.

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