Story + Marketing + Reputation = Brand

Jul 12, 2012 | Brand, PayProMedia, Social Media, Technology

We all tell stories. Ever since we were children, our parents and grandparents would sit down with us and share stories of their past or make up stories to keep us entertained.Those stories stick with us for our entire life.  Before we know it, we are telling our children the exact same stories we were told when we were young.

Yet, it doesn’t stop there. Everyday we tell stories. We tell stories about what is happening in our lives. We tell stories about the awesome experience we had at a restaurant, and we tell the not-so-awesome stories.

That is what we do. That is what life is – a story.

And we believe this is one of the most important aspects of a company or an individual — the story behind them. In other words, your story is your identity. The story is how you started, your purpose for starting, and what you strive to offer your customers. It is even your company name and logo – what separates you from your competitors. But it doesn’t stop there!

At 212 Media Studios, we like to think of it as a simple formula:

Story + Marketing + Reputation = Brand

Brand. The result of a properly executed equation. When you pair together a story that properly portrays your company, marketing techniques that effectively tell your story, and customers that actively share the positive experience they have with you, you get a solid brand.

Everyone has a reputation.  It could be positive or negative.  What type of atmosphere do you provide?  What type of experiences do people have with your product or service? Think of your customers as evangelists for your company.  When your customer has an interaction with your company, they then have an emotional response.  That experience builds your reputation with your customer.  What are your customers telling their family members and friends?  With this aspect of the formula, a positive reputation can spread your brand like a wildfire. Put these three together, and your formula kicks out your brand.

This is where we thrive – seeing fellow individuals and companies succeed due to a positive brand!  We love to creatively visualize and effectively tell your story to help create the best reputation among your customers as possible! So what is your story? What are people telling others about you? Do you and your organization have a positive reputation?

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