Storytelling: The Human Connection

Jul 8, 2020 | 212 Articles, Brand, Communication, Marketing, Reputation, storytelling

Every company should have a personal side—an authentic, human aspect to its messaging. The brands that win customers’ hearts are the most relatable and aspirational. They are storytellers that draw in their audience with compelling narratives. Our white paper outlines the importance of telling moving, engaging stories to win customers’ support.

Consider Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty. It launched after Dove executives encountered a study that found only 2% of women considered themselves beautiful—and the company seized the opportunity to make a statement. Over the past several years, Dove has seen growth in its sales and reputation, as evidenced by its collection of awards.

Find out how to grow your brand and engage your audience with effective storytelling.

In a particularly memorable ad, Dove asked women to describe themselves to an FBI-trained sketch artist, who drew portraits of them based on their descriptions. Then, a random stranger described each woman to the artist to see how the two sketches would compare. The results were telling. This experiment reached deep into viewers’ assumptions and experiences from their own lives.

Ultimately, the goal of the campaign was to inspire and encourage. It paved the way for Dove to build goodwill with its target market—the precise demographics who were likely to purchase their products.

The incoming generation of consumers values honesty above almost any other quality. Notably, 91% of people would rate honesty about products and services as “extremely important.” Now more than ever, creating a genuine, trust-based relationship with your audience is foundational to your brand’s reputation.

Take a page out of Dove’s book. Know your target audience well enough to discern which stories will resonate with them—and motivate them. Show people you understand their needs, values, hopes, and fears. Be a voice they recognize. Read our white paper to learn how to tell compelling stories.

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