Strengthen Your Brand Using Multiple Touchpoints

Sep 11, 2019 | 212 Articles, Brand, Business, Communication, Content Marketing, Creativity, Customers, Digital, Direct Mail, E-mail, Inbound Marketing, Marketing, Strategy

Need to raise awareness for your brand? Consider multi-touch marketing. When you strategically invest in several ads across platforms, you can interact with your target buyer on graduating levels. Read our white paper to learn more about the many ways you can connect with your audience.

Every potential touchpoint for your customers should work in tandem with your other marketing initiatives, from paid Facebook Ads and livestreams to billboards and event sponsorships. When your messaging is uniform across all platforms, you will steadily increase awareness of your company and boost credibility with your current and prospective buyers.

This eBook outlines how you can connect with buyers through multiple touchpoints!

A “multi-touch” strategy is not synonymous with a “multi-message” strategy. Don’t dive in too quickly, only to find you have created multiple personalities for your organization. Too many changes in tone and content will raise eyebrows.

You can, however, capitalize on the strengths of each platform. On some mediums, less is more—overt product promotions may accomplish less with some audiences and more with others. Discern where and when to share about your values, mission, partnerships, and aspirations. Learn about the demographics and trends on the media you employ. For example, your Instagram presence should feature strong imagery that will connect with the ethos of the platform. Twitter, on the other hand, has less image-driven content overall. But you can successfully build brand awareness on both sites without diverging from your core messaging styles or brand identity.

A multidimensional marketing strategy can expand your reach, ensuring that people see your name in a variety of places and become more familiar with you. It starts with understanding your audience. Speak their language. Meet their needs. Jump into multi-touch marketing today!






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