Striking a Universal Chord in Storytelling: Part Five

Apr 25, 2013 | Communication, Leadership, Marketing, Productivity

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This is part five on the art of using the “5 Human Universals” presented by Donald Brown in marketing and storytelling.

We have finally made it to the fifth and final “Human Universal” of Donald Brown.  We have looked at these human universals and how they can be used in marketing and storytelling to effectively reach your goals.

We have seen how the needs for security, community, clarity, and authority can be leveraged when connecting with your audience or seeking to gain new “fans.” These needs correlate to deep fear we all have. The fear of death, outsiders, the future, and chaos.  These fears are “in” us and manifest themselves through our needs and actions.  Now we turn our focus to the need for “respect.”

Even though many of us do not have dreams of grandeur, fame or stardom, we do have the fear at times of being “insignificant.”  That nagging question after a long week, “Would I even be missed if I were gone? Why is it that I often get overlooked?  I wonder who would attend my funeral?  Why does my “voice” seem to go unheard so often?”

Every culture has a word to describe “self-image” and the concept that a positive self-image is better than a negative one.  We crave—dare I say “need”—to be seen as significant in some way, at least in someone’s eyes.

How can you use this fear and its corresponding need to better position your product, service, and business in the eyes of those you are trying to attract?  How can you show respect for your clients and prospective clients?  How can you help them feel more significant and worthy of respect?

These are questions worth asking and even more so worth exploring.  Marketing is all about surfacing needs and then meeting those needs.  Storytelling is all about striking a universal chord that exists in all of us and playing that into a beautiful symphony.

It will take some practice, and you will fail, but the end result is worth it.  Clients will feel like you “get them.” Prospective clients will sense you “know them,” that someone finally knows them and can relate to how they feel.

Scott Feather
Scott Feather
Community Manager

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