Striking a Universal Chord in Storytelling: Part Four – Authority

Mar 4, 2013 | Communication, Marketing

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This is part four on the art of using the “5 Human Universals” presented by Donald Brown in marketing and storytelling. To review the introduction and parts one through three of this series, click them below:

Part 1
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Part 3

To date we have explored the fears of death, outsiders, and the future. These fears are related to needs that each one of us has – needs that each one of your co-workers, clients, and prospective clients have. We all have an innate need for security, community, and clarity. Now we will explore the fourth human universal explored by Brown and Buckingham: the need for authority.

The fear of chaos and lack of order is easily seen by some, but not all. I relate it to the idea of change. Some hate change while others claim to love it, but my hypothesis is those that claim to love change, love change that they create, not change that is pushed on them. The same can be said for chaos. Even those that claim to love chaos and confusion only love it when they are the creators of it. Though the fear of chaos and confusion is felt differently by each one of us and to different degrees, there is still a fear associated with not knowing the future when chaos reigns.

Even the rebels among us look for a voice of authority – a voice of clarity among the noise. How can you create a centering voice in your industry? How can you address this innate need – the human universal need for authority with your clients – while not dictating to them what they need or should do? This is a delicate line to walk. But in a world of increasing change, instability, and uncharted waters, people are looking for clear, strong voices to point the way. How can your product, your service, or your idea bring stability and authority to the need you are trying to fulfill with your business?

Find this voice, this balance, this idea…and you will strike a universal chord with your clients and prospective clients. We all have fears and needs. Address them.

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