Striking a Balance: Creativity and Logic

Aug 25, 2015 | Business, Inbound Marketing, Marketing

noun [loj-ik]

  1. reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity.
  2. the systematic use of symbolic and mathematical techniques to determine the forms of valid deductive argument.
  3. the quality of being justifiable by reason.

I’ve had the benefit of working with engineers most of my career. Some of the smartest people I’ve encountered have helped shape my decision-making and thought processes. They were measured and calculated in problem solving, often teaching me something new in each meeting, project, and planning session.

Strangely, few of my contemporaries have taken advantage of these learning opportunities. Many marketers see engineers as boring, not creative, or too logical. I see that there is a lot to learn from engineers: strategizing, measuring results, reporting, analyzing data, etc. As I began developing marketing plans, I quickly embraced the need for logic, formulas, measurement, and targeted goals.

Contrary to what many believe, marketing is not just a gut feeling or whim. The “I feel” statements are not always relevant. Analyzing data, being aware of past performances, understanding cost models, and building strong ROI into every program are best practices that all marketers should embrace.

If your marketing team or agency is not driven by logic and analytics, they aren’t serving you well. Without goals and measurements, how do they know if they’re being successful? Without analyzing data, are they just guessing at what will work? Are they learning from what’s been done in the past or ignoring it?

At 212 Media Studios, we deliver the perfect mix of creativity and logical analysis. We see these going hand in hand, not as opposing forces. Ask our clients. Or better yet, become one!

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