Synchronize Your Marketing

Mar 11, 2020 | 212 Articles, Communication, Creativity, Customers, Digital, Marketing

Integrated marketing was introduced with the dawn of the digital environment—and it only tells part of the success story. According to DeSantis Breindel, integrated marketing is an incomplete model that focuses too much on spreading one advertising idea across multiple platforms, while synchronization “goes beyond integration, allowing the voice of the brand to speak to every target, through every relevant discipline at every touchpoint.”

Marketing campaigns are not straight lines—people will not always go from social media to the website to the email list. It is more like a web, reaching people at a variety of touchpoints with content that retains the same voice and concept each time.

It’s time to start unifying your marketing message. Read our white paper to learn how.

First contact can occur anywhere, which is why your touchpoints must be equally engaging and specialized for each medium. Unifying your message through synchronized marketing allows consumers to find you wherever they are, without having to look for you.

Your job is to maintain a coherent voice and reinforce your brand identity to construct an ongoing relationship with potential customers. If you are a different entity on social media than you are on your website, your audience may become confused or cynical. However, synchronizing your content and your message opens the door for dialogue.

The most important step of synchronized marketing is identifying your ultimate goal before creating advertising pieces. Decide what actions prospective customers should take when they encounter your messaging. Do you want downloads? Scheduled demos? Everything you publish should pour into an objective.

Essentially, the power of synchronized marketing is not in transmitting one message to different places. It is in capitalizing on the strengths of available platforms to drive each interaction toward your big-picture goal. Learn how to get started by downloading our white paper.

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