Take Inbound Marketing to the Next Level: Attract Qualified Leads

Apr 6, 2017 | 212 Articles, Inbound Marketing, Marketing

Inbound marketing has become the kingpin of marketing methodology. It’s a tried and true way for modern-day companies to attract qualified leads.

Whether you’re going at it alone or partnering with experienced marketers, there comes a time when you need to take your inbound strategy to the next level. Inbound is not a quick fix. It takes skill, commitment, and time. But the results are worth it!

Remember—you aren’t after just anyone. Qualified leads represent the core of your target audience or buyer persona. They are ideal customers who are already engaging with your organization or product. And here are five ways to reach them:

1. Publish and Promote Answers to Their Questions
The foundation of inbound marketing is high-quality content. Your audience needs a reason to come to you. Answering their biggest questions demonstrates your expertise and strengthens rapport. But without a distribution plan, how will they see all of the help you’re offering? No strategy = no leads. Make sure you’re publishing and promoting your content in pertinent places, such as industry portals, social media, and qualified email lists.

2. Give Them Resources Worth Sharing
Consider the form of your content. What would engage your audience most? What would make them share it with others? For some companies, industry whitepapers and webinars can educate, affirm, and entertain the right audience. For others, relevant freebies are the way to go. What is your audience seeking?

3. Create Exclusive Offers for Highly Qualified Leads
To reach exceptionally qualified leads, offer in-depth or customized eBooks, demonstrations, samples, or tutorials to those who have already downloaded your elementary-level offers. If you’re tracking email opens, click rates, and landing page submissions, you will know who is interested in digging in deeper and who is closer to making a purchasing decision.

4. Make the Most of Your Email List
Drip campaigns, sometimes called automated marketing or lifecycle emails, operate on a predetermined schedule. The content is timely and often customized by groups or behaviors of leads. Over time, you see which recipients are good prospects because they stay engaged. If your emails speak to their needs and interests, you can walk them down a path toward working with your company or buying your products. The key? Make your emails compelling, concise, and clickable.

5. Ask for the Sale
Once you’ve identified someone as a likely customer, send an email, make a phone call, or touch base personally to make the official ask. Some companies today rely on automated emails to schedule a meeting to talk, but I find that a personal note from a real person makes the offer more appealing. They’re people, just like you and me.

The further you go with inbound marketing, the more qualified leads you’ll acquire. Stick to it. And give us a call if you’d like a helping hand.

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