Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Sep 17, 2015 | Business, Community, Customer Service, Inbound Marketing, Marketing, Professionalism

Ah, fall—that magical season when the leaves burst into glorious color; the heat of summer finally relents, giving way to cooler days and crisper nights; and all across the nation, people tune in to watch the gridiron battles play out on their television screens.

That’s right. It’s football season!

Football: that uniquely American sport that combines the grace and agility of ballet with the raw power and strength of a working wrecking ball. We see 300-pound athletes sprinting at near-Olympic speeds, while weaving around, jumping over, and colliding with other 300-pound men. Quarterbacks can hit a moving, one-square-foot target from 50 yards away. Receivers can seemingly defy gravity in order to pluck the ball from its flight through space. Hits can be heard, even felt, throughout the stadium. Truly, this is not a sport for the faint of heart.

While watching the game, one notices the artistry of 11 finely tuned athletes selflessly functioning as a single unit to steadily move that precious pigskin down the 100-yard battlefield. This is clearly not a game of individuals. Although star players certainly exist, in order to emerge victorious, the team must function as a machine, with each player doing his part to reach the goal.

Perhaps this embedded team aspect is one reason football resonates so well with the American culture. Americans understand that teamwork is an essential part of success. As in football, individuals can play a role, but little is truly accomplished in the absence of a supportive team. Most Americans understand that business and, indeed, life are most successful and most fulfilling when done in cooperation with others.

At 212 Media Studios, we understand teamwork. We are team players, dedicated to working with our clients and steadily advancing the ball toward the goal line. Whatever the objective of your business, we can assist. Much like a versatile football player who, for the sake of the team, will fill in wherever necessary, 212 Media Studios is uniquely equipped to serve your business wherever you feel an additional team member would help. We can quarterback, receive, block, play both offense and defense, or even coach. We know the rules, the strategies, and the trick plays that can make or break a successful business season. We’ve watched scouting reports and know what the competition is up to. We have trained, practiced, and prepared for the big plays. We don’t fumble. We don’t trip. We don’t throw desperate Hail Marys.

Our methods are time-tested. Our drive is relentless. And much like a football team, we realize that the game does not end after one touchdown. It is a game of four quarters. A team cannot quit at halftime—we won’t quit either. We have one goal: to help our clients make it to the big game, and to show the competition what a solid team of single-minded individuals can accomplish when working together.

Let us help you achieve home-turf advantage. We have a bench full of talented, team-minded professionals just waiting to get into the game. Let us join your team and apply our skills wherever we can. Give us a call. Share your dream with us. Let us show you how, together, we can help you reach the goal and achieve a glorious, memorable, and historic victory.

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