Thanks for Giving

Dec 18, 2014 | 212 Media Studios, 25 Days of Christmas, Blogs, Giving, Holiday, Reputation

At 212 Media Studios, we believe that giving is more than just something you should do out of habit every December. Giving is really important—and can literally change both the recipient and the giver. That’s why this holiday season, 212 Media Studios recently spent 12 days focusing exclusively on what it means to give.

Giving is one of the most important acts we can perform. Whether time, money, presents, or services, what you give can truly change lives.(

At 212 Media Studios, we are grateful for the opportunities to give back to our community and partner with others in their efforts to think outside themselves—not only in the holiday season, but also throughout the year.

Following the conclusion of our GIVE blog series, we’d like to thank each of our contributors—and great givers:

Baker Youth Club (
Through purposeful giving, BYC invests in the lives of children year-round.

Article: Baker Youth Club: Give Intentionally

By partnering with Water for Good, MudLOVE donates a portion of every sale to a bigger need.

Article: MudLOVE: Giving Can Disrupt Patterns of Brokenness (

Rabb Water(

This local business provides generosity that expands throughout northern Indiana.

Article: Rabb Water: Why Give?(

Feed My Starving Children (
FMSC is working to feed hungry children around the world.

Article: Feed My Starving Children: Ending Hunger Through the Gift of Time (

World Compassion Network (
Globally minded WCN assists in disaster relief, community events, and missions.

Article: World Compassion Network: Giving More Than Words (

Silveus Insurance (
This out-of-the-ordinary insurance agency regularly donates to over 30 organizations.

Article: Silveus Insurance: Give Because You Can (

Destiny Rescue (

Working in five nations to rescue the sexually exploited and enslaved, Destiny Rescue changes lives on a daily basis.

Article: Destiny Rescue: Giving the Gifts of Freedom and Restoration (

Learn more about how we at 212 Media Studios give back (, why our leaders think it’s important (, and how you can give back to your local community. (

Let’s work together to make generosity a year-round effort.


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