The Importance of Brand Standards

Nov 22, 2013 | Brand, Communication, Graphic Design, Marketing, Professionalism

Why is your image important? What sets you apart from others?

Every company has its own brand. It’s not merely a logo, a few colors, and some fonts. Your brand is what people think of you and how you present yourself to them. It distinguishes you. Your brand gives you something to stand on in a very competitive world, and it’s up to you to set yourself apart. Therefore, it’s vital for you to know how to handle your brand.

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What are brand standards? They are the set of guidelines used to protect the presence of your company. Applying brand standards sets the stage for what is to come. You need to do it from the beginning by creating consistency.

But hold on—let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We don’t want to jump forward in this awesome blog post before we discuss other essentials first.

Some might think it is imperative to start by pushing design needs (website, marketing materials, etc.) and dive in before actually laying the boundaries of the design standards. What can happen in this case? Well, to be honest, this would probably result in a very unrecognizable presentation. Nobody likes a disorganized company. The same goes for your image.

By establishing your standards from the get-go and ensuring consistency, your brand will gain recognition and distinguish you from your competitors. Your standards not only refer to your own consistency, but also the work you do for others. If your image is random or unpredictable, your clients will have a poor perception of your company. Do you have a good reputation? That is an exact reflection of your brand.

Is business down? Maybe your consistency is lacking, and it’s time to build some brand standards. You need to have the complete package.

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