The One Thing Your Social Media Accounts are Missing

May 21, 2014 | Social Media

Hand putting in last puzzle piece

There is an old saying that has been all but forgotten. It’s often quoted, but seldom begotten. How it’s slipped though the cracks, no one is sure; many tweets claim it but go without cure. It has no rhythm, it has no rhyme, but it gets to the point just in time.

“People like to do business with people.”

We’ve all seen those accounts. You scroll down a company’s page on Facebook, and every post sounds like a commercial. You scroll down its profile on Twitter, and it’s all retweets.

Are you attracted to a company that does social media like that? I know I’m not. But how do you make an account with personality?

1. Be Yourself.

As you can see this is the only number on the list. That’s because it’s the only point that that applies to every account on every platform. Other blogs will demand that you be witty, respond to every crisis, or make your social media interactions personal. All of those things are really good—but may not be appropriate to the situation or your brand.

Have you ever been to Ed Debevic’s restaurant in Chicago? It’s known nationally for how sassy and rude its servers are. The last time I was there, the waitress ripped my napkin in half and threw it at me because I didn’t order quickly enough! Yet, people come from all over the country.

Unusual as this seems, Ed Debevic’s understands how to be itself. People are attracted to authenticity. If you have a well branded company, people will desire to be involved.

People want to do business with people. A true extension of your company’s brand through social media should yield an authentic encounter between you and the customer. That sounds like a relationship to me.

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