The Pros and Cons of Blogging

Dec 18, 2013 | Blogs

Pros and cons

If you are a small business that intends to grow, you may want to consider blogging on a regular basis. Blogging is a way to market your products and services. Plus, it’s an opportune way to communicate with your target market in an informative and more personable format.

Just like everything else, blogging has both pros and cons. Is it right for you? Check out this list to find out:

Pros of Blogging

A blog gives people more reasons to want to visit your website. You are able to communicate more in depth about your brand, and tell your story to your primary market. With the growth of communication between you and your readers, a sense of community begins to develop. You can receive a variety of feedback from your audience.

The more interaction you have, the more you can improve your business and customer service in the future, all thanks to your readers. Your goal should be to create content that’s informative, interesting, and offers solutions. Think of the reader first. This makes your articles more “shareable.” As your content is reposted on social media and other platforms, it will be seen by a broader audience. This may help you land new clients!

Blogging on your website also increases your SEO. Each post acts as its own webpage—when you discuss industry topics and use keywords, your rank will also improve. (Learn more about this here.)

Cons of Blogging

Maintaining a blog can be quite time-consuming, especially when you need fresh, creative content to attract more readers to your site. Blogging requires planning, organization, and a skilled editor. All of this can become stressful for an individual who isn’t blessed in all of these talents.

If you’re understaffed, blogging may slow down other projects and tasks. This leads to inconsistency, which weakens your image. Blogging is a commitment, and operates on goals and strategies—just like the rest of your business plan.

Do you have any input on the pros and cons of blogging? We’d love to hear them. Leave us a comment below!

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