The Psychology of Colors in Marketing

Sep 28, 2012 | Brand, Marketing, Traditional Marketing

When you visit a store and see sales stickers or check your mail and see advertisements and coupons do you ever notice the color specifically? A lot of marketers pay very close attention to the exact colors they use to create specific feelings in their audience. Colors have also been known to attract certain types of shoppers and are used accordingly in logos, marketing and store interior design.

It is commonly believed that the following colors create the following feelings in consumers:

  • Yellow- Optimistic and youthful. Often used to grab window shopper attention.
  • Red- Energy. It raises the heart rate and creates urgency and is often seen in clearance sales.
  • Blue- Creates the sensation of trust and security. Used by many banks and businesses in their logos.
  • Green- Associated with wealth. It is also the easiest color for the eye to process and is used to relax customers in stores.
  • Orange- Agressive. Creates a call to action to subscribe, buy or sell.
  • Pink- Romantic and feminine. Used to market products to women and young girls.
  • Black- Powerful and sleek. Used to market luxury products.
  • Purple- Used to sooth and calm. Often seen in beauty and anti-aging products.

How well do your company colors represent the brand you want to portray to your customers? How do you use the psychology of colors to market your products? Let us know below!

See an infographic of the psychology of colors in marketing here.

By: Dustin Hickle
       Media Specialist

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