The Sky is the Limit: Utilizing Customer Feedback

Jul 24, 2013 | Brand, Customer Service, Organization, Professionalism

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Looking to improve your business? Working on brand management? If so, you may be wondering where to begin. Customer feedback is a great place to start.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know where your business is lacking or excelling. A good way to get an outside perspective is to ask for it. Provide your customers with opportunities to weigh in. They appreciate knowing you care about their opinions and satisfaction. Encourage them to share their thoughts so you can give them the best service possible.

Ask questions like “How can we improve our services?” Post surveys on your social media pages and include feedback links on webpages and in emails. This data can analyze your brand management as it reveals how successful your business is at fulfilling customer expectations.

Positive Customer Feedback

Positive comments are encouraging to any company. Who doesn’t want to be told they did a job well done? When you know how your company is excelling, you can act accordingly. If negative feedback is received for a certain service, you can focus on improving it. Then, when positive feedback shows you have succeeded in correcting it, you can direct your efforts elsewhere. Or, when you receive praise for a new strategy, you can continue and even increase it. Positive feedback, with permission from the customer, can also be used for testimonials to help increase your customer base.

Negative Customer Feedback

Don’t be afraid of negative comments. Obviously, the goal is to provide such excellent service and products that no one could possibly have anything bad to say. But, until you reach that point, negative feedback can be extremely helpful. These responses can reveal flaws that need to be addressed. Sure, sometimes there’s that guy who rages on and on about something completely unrelated to your services. That might be hard to work with. But, what about the people who are frustrated with your company’s slow responses? Or those who received poor customer service? This feedback indicates what areas need improvement—turn those lemons into lemonade.


Don’t forget to thank your customers for their feedback. It is encouraging to them to know you’re listening and that their input is being heeded.

What methods do you use to encourage customer feedback? How do you use feedback to improve your brand management? Leave a comment below to share.

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