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Oct 25, 2013 | Websites

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Websites that are not user-friendly cost you much more than just money. We all know the frustration associated with visiting a website that’s hard to navigate. Or maybe the text is too large or small. Maybe you’re given instructions, but they take you to a dead end. Based on the poor experiences we’ve all had with horrendous websites, I’m sure we can agree that bad websites damage organizations’ reputations—making brand management very difficult. With today’s digital marketing, it only takes a few minutes to generate millions of negative reactions.

If you’re a business professional looking for a web design that fits your company, or a web developer creating for your clients, keep in mind the end user. It’s easy to look at the website “from the inside” as someone with a greater knowledge of your design goals. But maybe a different mindset is needed. Try looking at your site from the user’s point of view, someone who has just heard of you and wants to learn more. Think of the people who are visiting your site for the first time and have no idea what they are getting into.

Always make your site user-friendly for your visitors. Remember that the first impression of your site is crucial—make it great. You might be thinking, “But Enrique, how do I do that?” Below are a few basic tips for maintaining a user-friendly site. These are from, a site dedicated to learning web design, online marketing, and other relevant topics:

An Inviting Homepage

It’s not called ‘homepage’ for nothing and it’s your job to make your homepage as inviting and welcoming as possible. If your home page is not inviting many users will not move forward further into your site. Or worse yet never return. Be sure your company name or logo is clearly displayed and that what you do is made clear as soon as possible. This information is known as a ‘positioning statement’ and you’d be amazed how often this gets forgotten! Your visitor will cast a first impression within seconds of arriving on your page. This is why it’s imperative that they are well informed right from the beginning.

Concise Content

All of the content on your website needs to be easy to read, clear and engaging. It needs to flow well whilst drawing your reader in. Start each paragraph with a strong and direct point so that if visitors are scanning the page, they’ll be able to pick up the essential points quickly. Use bullet points to list information and isolate key facts. Bold and highlight significant words and phrases to really make them stand out. Use rhetorical questions. These will read well and can be a chance to sub-categorise your information. It also shows you have tried to tap into the thought process of your audience and are therefore attempting to connect on a personal level which is always a good idea. 

Separating your text into sections will make it more digestible to the reader and therefore easier to remember. Don’t overwhelm them with information as they will lose interest and your point will be lost on them. Having columns will make it easier to read, similar to the format of a newspaper. This is sure to make a huge difference.

Easy Navigation and Dead Ends

Placing your menu at the top of the page is wise as this is where users would normally expect to find it. Making the navigation the same on each of your pages will make it easier to browse the site. You’ll need to make linking back to the homepage as simple as possible. Try adding a link to home from the logo or company name at the top of the page. There is nothing more annoying than clicking on a link to find out that it’s not working. This gives the impression of a broken and faulty site. Make sure you monitor your links regularly to check they are working properly and pointing to the correct page.

As you improve and maintain your website, keep all of this advice in mind. Keep the customer first by making your site user-friendly. The better your website experience, the better your reputation with online visitors.

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