Tips for Live-Video Marketing

May 22, 2019 | 212 Articles, Creativity, Digital, Live Blog, Multimedia, Technology, Video

For many companies, live video is more effective than traditional, polished footage. Livestreaming is changing the way that businesses approach marketing. Read this blog post to learn why. Then, check out these quick tips for launching into live video:

Choose the Right Livestreaming Tools and Platforms
There are a variety of platforms and tools from which to choose, depending on your preferences, needs, and budget. Weigh all of your options carefully. You can find a comprehensive list in our white paper.

Promote your Broadcast in Advance
You won’t have an audience for your live video if no one knows about it. Some platforms alert followers when your broadcast starts. However, you should also consider posting images and listing your livestream’s topic, platform, date, and time on your blog and other social media, as well as via email, before it happens.

Read our white paper to get the latest live-video best practices!

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Create an Engagement Plan
Viewers will want to connect and ask questions, and they see live video as the perfect opportunity to interact with the people behind the brand.

Be prepared with a list of talking points and questions to cover in case viewers don’t jump in right away, and be available to answer queries as they arise. When possible, greet viewers by name as they tune in, and ask them to post in the comments where they’re watching from. This is a great way to start a broadcast and break the ice.

Include a Call to Action
Make sure your valuable content also contains links for viewers to access informational videos, follow your business on social media, subscribe to your newsletter, get free downloads, or sign up to be on your email list. Keep them coming back for more!

Remember to Measure the Effectiveness and ROI of Your Live Video
One great advantage of using livestreaming for marketing is that the benefits are measurable. User data and modern analytics make it easy to quantify the ROI and effectiveness of a campaign. The analytics tools that most video livestreaming services offer can often be integrated into media workflows, and data can be exported and manipulated according to each company’s needs.

In addition to ROI, some of the important information that can be gathered and analyzed includes the number of viewers, average view time, conversions, demographic information (including geographic location), pages visited, and videos viewed, as well as which device, operating system, and browser was used.





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