Traditional Marketing When Customers are Offline (Part 2)

Sep 14, 2013 | Traditional Marketing

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This post is part 2 in a series. To read part 1, click here.

Using traditional media to reach the offline customer is a valuable part of your marketing mix. What is less known is how well it works with online media. The common thinking has been that traditional (offline) marketing is at odds with social (online) marketing, as if they don’t like each other and their audiences are in opposition. This marketing “food fight” doesn’t have to happen. The results of mixing both can be highly effective.

Here are a few observations on integrating the two into your promotional strategy:

  • Let’s start with the obvious: traditional marketing helps you reach a wider audience. If you go “social only” and speak to those online, you’re missing an entire group of those who spend most of their hours offline. Although time online is increasing, not all of life is lived in the social space. Make sure you take an integrated approach to catch them in both.
  • Your offline advertising can drive customers to your online presence, where you can present more of your story and marketing message. In other words, traditional media can bring the customer to your digital doorstep.
  • One common technique is QR coding. This can provide the link between your print and online campaign. It can increase traffic by offering an incentive or online coupon. Whether it’s a brochure, ad, or even billboard, these mobile “bull’s-eyes” can produce an immediate reaction through an online visit.
  • Beyond this introductory online relationship, offline media can push the prospect closer to the finish line of a sale. Following up with additional print materials is often critical in closing the deal. So, if you’re in the ice cream business, give them coupons, calendars, and flavor-of-the-month reminders to “sweeten” the relationship.
  • Finally, by integrating offline and online advertising, you don’t put all of your promotional eggs in one basket. The risk decreases by reaching out to both. It can also give direction to your marketing budget, as both are vital to telling the company’s story.

By using traditional media to reach an offline audience, you not only reinforce the message and drive sales traffic, but also give the social media team something to post about. They love to call attention to the latest appearance in traditional media, such as trade publications, show exhibits, PR events, brochures, and in-store promotions. See? They really do play well together.

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