Traditional Marketing When Customers are Offline

Jul 25, 2013 | Communication, Marketing, Print, Traditional Marketing

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The employees of one of our local restaurants recently took the time to visit our studio. They came bearing gifts—a beautiful coupon calendar, 10%-off cards, flavor-of-the-day listings and, most importantly, generous samples of their desserts! After consuming this delightful treat, I wondered if I would have even thought about this eatery without this experience. Sure, some of my social media friends may have influenced me to try them. But, in this case, the proof was in the tasting, and the tasting could only be experienced offline. Add to this the traditional marketing technique of couponing, and I am hooked on making them a part of my regular restaurant routine.

This is a great example of using offline (traditional) marketing techniques to generate interest and, most crucially, sales. True, it took the initiative of the restaurant to come to our location and “ambush” us with the samples, but the underlying principle was to motivate an audience to try its products.

So how are we encouraging our customers to “taste and see” during their offline hours?

Contrary to popular belief, traditional media marketing is not dead. Did electronic media make print go away? Did radio stations stop broadcasting once television came on the scene? For that matter, has social media replaced television? You could say that today’s new media will be tomorrow’s old media. The hot, new media of today will one day no longer be the favored child.

The key, as in most things, is balance. By knowing my target audience, I am able to apportion my advertising dollars into the most visited channels. This includes identifying their age range, interests, and other demographic indicators. Knowing the favored media of your target market is important, but it does not mean you should neglect other platforms to tell your story.

In my next article, I will explore how traditional media can work with “new” media to reach the consumer during those offline hours—they actually do play well together.

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