Turning Bad Luck into Good Business Habits

Mar 10, 2015 | 212 Media Studios, Business

Despite the four-leaf clovers and pots of gold, March may not be your luckiest season. What happens when your company hits a dry spell, and things start looking grim?

Instead of shrinking back from difficult circumstances, how can you lead your business well and make the most of your situation? Consider these five familiar superstitions about bad luck—and how to use them to pave the way for a better future:

  1. If you break a mirror
    Instead of becoming defensive or feeling defeated when something goes wrong, view things from a different vantage point. Consider how this new reflection on your business could help you grow. Maybe it’s time to break the mold and try something new.
  2. If you walk under a ladder
    If you’re not sure how you ended up where you are, take a long look at your journey up to this point. What led to this under-the-ladder situation? Get a better take on reality—from all angles—and plan accordingly for a stronger strategy.
  3. If a black cat crosses your path
    In any business, you will encounter people with bad attitudes and poor work ethic. Rather than discrediting or avoiding them altogether, engage with them. It’s a chance for you to be positive and encouraging, offering help or training as needed. Working as a team requires patience and diligence with everyone.
  4. If you step on a crack
    Keep going! Yes, you will hit unexpected pitfalls or delays. But step across to the other side—and don’t neglect your team in the process. “One of the most important lessons about crossing the chasm is that the task ultimately requires achieving an unusual degree of company unity…focus everyone on pursuing a high-probability course of action and making as few mistakes as possible,” says Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm.
  5. If its Friday the 13th
    Maybe a big deadline was missed, a client got angry, or your product malfunctioned. Do what you can now to avoid more “unlucky” days like this, or at least have plan B in place. On the flip side, consider hosting a launch event or a staff outing for a change of pace and revitalization. Find ways to have wins to keep attitudes

Any great business leader can tell you how important it is to bounce back from a tough break. Grow and move on with greater resolve and stronger skills.

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