How Twitter Makes Us Smarter

Jun 6, 2014 | Social Media

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With the social media industry on the rise, social platforms have been labeled many things. Some claim it has a negative effect on certain skills that would otherwise be obtained easily. But many say it can make us smarter!

Yes, that’s right—smarter. Twitter is changing the way we process information. But how?

Twitter is making us hyper-literate. It increases the ability to process massive amounts of content at a very quick pace. Whether it’s news, ideas, or opinions, this data can force us to think more quickly about how we feel toward a certain post.

This fast stream of to-the-point information also encourages us to become better thinkers. With only 140 characters per message, Twitter users have become very adaptive to write and read short, concise tweets, thus analyzing messages faster.

Twitter also allows people to experience the world through the views, thoughts, and ideas of other people, making us more aware—and often accepting—of different people and cultures.

This is just one of many reasons why Twitter is a useful tool for communication and information. How have you seen it change the way we think and interact?

Peter Shepherd
Assistant Community Manager

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