Why Twitter is a Relationship-Building Dream

Oct 22, 2015 | Advertising, Brand, Business, Inbound Marketing, Marketing, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Twitter

Social media is one of the best ways to reach new customers and maintain relationships. Social media is not meant to drown followers with new deals, announcements, and company history.

Twitter is an especially powerful tool to build a new following, and it all starts with interaction. It’s time to get to know your followers, which means sitting back, listening, and replying to their interests. Building relationships on Twitter is effective and easy if you follow these three tips:

  1. Use keywords to start conversations. Keywords are phrases that can be searched. Your company’s keywords should define you. Let’s say a new mini-golf course is opening, and they want to find local customers who are tired of the same old entertainment. Searching “weekend,” “family,” or “bored” locally on Twitter lets the business find people who are probably open to something like mini-golf, and reply to them with a deal or friendly greeting. This creates a bond on a personal level, and the recipient is much more likely to respond and take action because it was personalized. Others who see this tweet may also consider taking action, reaching additional people.
  2. Explore how your competitors are using Twitter. Study their social media strategies to better understand their strengths and see how you compete. This is also valuable when looking for holes in their marketing plan to use as leverage in your own strategy. If they are your direct competitors, follow who they follow and get to know more of your market.
  3. Having a presence and being present are not the same. The goal of your social media plan should be to engage with your target audience. Make sure they can easily find you by consistently using hashtags that relate to you. Keep up with their posts, and ask them if they enjoy your products or services and how they could be improved. Maintaining a real and attentive relationship with them is more important than simply being present on their timeline.

Keywords and hashtags that define your business are critical if you plan to use Twitter effectively. If customers really enjoy the product or experience, they will post pictures, allowing for more interaction. People want to trust businesses they buy from, and building a relationship with them is the best way to attain this.

Still have questions about how to utilize Twitter? Our website offers plenty of information on effective marketing. Or, get in touch with us directly—we’d love to help.

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