Twitter's Leg Up On Facebook

In this week’s version of PayProPlack, Chris discussed how some people use Twitter. He mentioned me in the video and how I normally use it to converse with friends about what’s happening in the world. I use it more like a mass text whereas Chris uses it primarily during sporting events. Clearly, a lot of other people use Twitter in similar ways as Chris; 6.16 Million tweets were sent out about Game 5 of the NBA finals last night.

This event became the 3rd most talked about telecast ever, behind the Grammy’s and Super Bowl. The reason I originally got Twitter was to follow athletes and celebrities. Now, since adapting to the platform, my use has expanded but events like game 5 show how Twitter is so unique to the Social Media world.  Only 152,000 Facebook comments were made compared to the 6.16 million tweets. That’s over 40 times the amount of comments to tweets! Twitter is simply more interesting during events like these, as you can follow these trending subjects as they happen.

If you currently don’t have a Twitter account, I would recommend getting one soon. It effectively makes the world smaller, allowing you to hear the voices outside of your circle of Facebook friends.

-Max Carter, Media Specialist

Credit: Mashable for Image

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