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Mar 22, 2013 | Apps, Social Media, Twitter

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Vine, recently acquired by Twitter, has become the latest trend in apps. The app allows users to take and edit short (six second) videos. The video can either be continuous or short clips that then become one video. Many users have found really creative methods for creating Vine videos. Some startup companies have even found a way to integrate Vine into their marketing plans.

Because using Vine as a marketing tool is a fairly new concept, the best ways to use it are still up for debate. Here are a few suggestions:

Customer Feedback

If your unveiling a new product, take a short video of some of the features and ask users what their favorite part is. If you own a boutique, highlight a few outfits in your video and ask users which one they would most like to add to their closet.


This method could only be used for a process that can be done in a short period of time. For example, if you own a restaurant that allows customers to make reservations online, you could use a Vine video to illustrate the process and then put the video on your website.

Product Demos

Maybe you own a restaurant and you have a dish that you are famous for. You could make a video of you making that famous burger. If you own a pet store, you could share videos that show three or four of the animals in your store. Because these videos move so quickly, you can show a lot of information in a short period of time.

Engage in Conversation

Instead of posting a question as a Facebook status or a Tweet, make it a question with 5-8 choices and turn it into a Vine video. For example, as a fun Friday post you could ask your followers what their favorite band is. You can take a short video of various bands’ photos and post it as a Vine video. This is a much more interesting way to ask your question than just posting it as text.

Create an Animated Portfolio

Instead of listing the things you and your business have created, put them into Vine videos. If you own a bakery and made a really impressive wedding cake, show it off on your website and social media platforms with Vine.

Celebrate Holidays

There is some type of holiday almost every day. Find some interesting ones and make Vine videos of them. If it’s Oreo’s birthday, make a tower of Oreos. Making these videos really doesn’t take long, but it has a really cool effect that will definitely impress your followers.

Getting to Know the Staff

Sure, your clients want you to be professional and do the job they are paying you to do. However, most clients wouldn’t mind getting to see a sneak peek of what the hardworking staff in your office are like behind the scenes. Maybe you share a quick video of employees doing something very characteristic of them. Maybe you do a quick office flash mob and share it with your followers. Anything you post of your employees behind the scenes gives an inside look and feels like “secret” information and people enjoy having access to that.

These are just some of the ways that startup companies have started to implement Vine into their marketing strategy. Have you seen other ways? Has your business started using Vine? We would love to hear your thoughts on Vine.

Sources: Mashable and Social Media Examiner

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