Uniting Your Marketing Message

Apr 25, 2017 | 212 Articles, Advertising, Business, Marketing

How do people form their opinions of your business? Just a few years ago, your reputation may have resulted from your highway billboard or your TV commercial on the local news station that aired Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, that was before nearly 290 million Americans plugged in to the World Wide Web. That was before nearly 265 million Americans joined a social media network.

Marketing has changed and, ideally, you have adapted. When customers Google your name, what do they see? When consumers pull up your social media profiles and your latest email, does the messaging work hand in hand with your printed collateral? If not, your customers may be perceiving mixed messages. Think of it this way: When a five-year-old wants a cookie, he is going to seek out his parents. Mom says “no,” so he asks Dad. And since Dad didn’t know what Mom had already said, he says “yes.” Inconsistent messaging has led to unintentional confusion.

In today’s world, consistency is key. Your reputation is no longer built from a single marketing channel; consumers have access to everything with your name on it. When you are getting to know a person, you develop opinions, ideas, and assumptions based on your interactions. If someone shows up in a suit one day, Bermuda shorts and a floral shirt the next, and finally a football jersey, you may be confused or skeptical. Would you be concerned about their consistency? People can feel the same if your company’s messaging is inconsistent.

Consumers want to buy from brands they know. Consistent aesthetics and voice are integral to helping your customers recognize you. When they know who you are, they will be able to identify with your purpose and feel like they can trust you; and people buy from brands they trust. This idea paved the way for a new method of marketing and communications: the atom model.

One step you can take to establish brand consistency is creating a brand standards guide—luckily, we have a free eBook describing some must-haves for your brand standards guide. At 212 Media Studios, we take pride in our storytelling ability. We understand brand recognition is everything, so we begin our partnerships with something called a Story Retreat. These interactive sessions allow us to identify your company’s unique set of values. We listen, learn, and ascertain a thorough understanding of your company and your precise marketing needs. Then, we build a unique strategy to send a consistent, trustworthy message to your market.

The entire landscape of marketing has changed. Customers expect more from businesses than ever before and have more access to businesses than ever before. This places even more weight on maintaining a unified brand throughout your marketing channels. Inconsistency often means you won’t gain consumers’ trust—and without their trust, you won’t gain their sales. Do you have questions? Get in touch with us!

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