Use Your Employees to Attract Customers

Mar 8, 2021 | 212 Articles, Customers, Strategy

With the exception of some entry-level Gen Z employees, much of today’s workforce is comprised of Millennials. Studies show that, although Millennials have been labeled as lazy and selfish consumers, they are actually working longer hours than older generations—and for less pay. In one survey of 19,000 people across 25 countries, 73% of Millennials reported working more than 40 hours a week. This has increased burnout, with growing rates of depression and anxiety.

As Millennials become more established in the workforce, employers must figure out how to reduce their stress and maximize productivity. One report released by Gallup indicated heightened turnover rates among Millennials, with 50% of them saying they did not intend to be with the same company in a year. Staff retention distinctly correlates to positive brand image and profits. One of the best ways to engage Millennial employees and solidify their commitment to your business is through consistent, relevant training.

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By focusing intentional time on employee development, you can show your workers that you care about them both personally and professionally—and the better they are at their jobs, the better they can serve your clients. At 212 Media Studios, we have found that incorporating team-building activities into our long-form quarterly staff meetings serves to encourage employee performance and forge stronger relationships. When our team works together cohesively, communication improves, which makes our clients happier, too.

Customers can tell whether employees are devoted to their brand. Research has shown that companies with highly engaged staff outperform their competitors by 147%. Pouring into your team is a long-term investment in sales and revenue growth. Your workers are your brand’s foundational spokespeople—don’t let them feel overlooked or undervalued.

A consistent message for prospective clients begins internally. To get everyone on the same page, we recommend starting with a brainstorming session—and we can help you kick it off. Our two-day Story Retreat experience gives your key decision-makers the opportunity to sit down with our team and evaluate your company’s differentiators, target audience, and goals. The end result is a comprehensive strategy and extra buy-in from your team. Learn more here.

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