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Mar 28, 2013 | Facebook, Google, Social Media, Twitter

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It is pretty obvious that each social media platform is different.

Sure, you can post the same content on Facebook as you do Twitter, but the format is very different. The ideal posts for Pinterest and Google+ are unique in their own ways as well.

LinkedIn is different too. It’s more like an online trade show where all you say and do is very “buttoned-up” and professional, making it very different than the other social media platforms. So, here are three quick tips to using Linked-In for marketing.

1. Build Your Connections

Don’t be shy about connecting with people to expand your own web of professional connections. This is truly your marketing base. These are the people who will see and potentially share what you post.

2. Create Your Business Page

Your business name appears on the page of any of your employees pages. This is free exposure for your company so when people are browsing profiles they can click on your company name and view your company page. Make sure it is updated and ready for visitors.

3. Join Groups

This is another way to reach out and get your company name out there. Join groups that make connections with people who want to know about you and what you do and then share valuable information.

Of course this sort of thing takes time and effort, but can be really beneficial in the long run. The benefit of establishing yourself as a professional and a leader in your field through the use of many marketing channels is important. Use these tips to make LinkedIn  an effective part of your marketing mix.

Dustin Hickle
Dustin Hickle
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