Using Targeted Emails to Get Results

Oct 13, 2016 | 212 Articles, Brand, Business, Content Generation, E-mail, Gmail, Inbound Marketing, Marketing

Does your business struggle to keep subscribers on its email list? Email segmentation could be the key to helping you better market to your customers.

What is Email Segmentation?

Email segmentation is the process of utilizing the data you have collected about your customers/audience to send emails that are intentionally geared toward certain demographics. It all begins with critically looking at the information you have about the individual. Consider what differentiates your customers from one another, such as geographical location, purchasing frequency, and interest in specific products. Then, send customized emails to engage these distinct audiences.

Why Should Your Business Use Email Segmentation?

Email segmentation may seem like a hassle because it takes time and research to be effective, but it is an essential strategy for modern businesses. Customers want to receive offers that are pertinent to their needs—and not have their inboxes cluttered with information that does not apply to them. When your company sends too many blanket emails that are not relevant to everyone receiving them, you are inviting recipients to do the last thing you want: unsubscribe.

Email segmentation is founded on intentional and personal strategy. When your company analyzes what customers actually value, you can better market to them. Which would be more effective: offering personalized discounts or simply mentioning whatever is on sale that week? Clearly, consumers want offers for products that are relevant to them, rather than random sale items. Implementing email segmentation will help your organization keep more subscribers and, ultimately, more sales.

What’s Next?

Our team at 212 Media Studios is experienced in using email segmentation to strengthen customer relationships and satisfaction. Give us a call or get in touch online—we’d love to assist with your email marketing needs.

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