The Virality of Social Media

Aug 11, 2015 | 212 Media Studios, Social Media, Social Media Marketing

If you do not use social media for your business, then I suppose some congratulations are in order—you don’t follow the crowd. You are in the ever-decreasing 13% of businesses that are not on social media. However, I encourage you to change your ways. Social media is far too large to ignore, simply because of its virality.

What does it mean to be viral? It has to do with the amount of shares and clicks you receive on a social media post. If your post receives a low number of clicks and shares, then it is by no means viral. If it has a high amount of shares but a low amount of clicks, you’re getting there, but it’s still not viral. A viral post gets a high number of both shares and clicks per view. Although most posts will not reach virality, the single most convincing reason to use social media is the opportunity to use the viral nature to reach a wider range of people.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few of the components of social media’s virality:

Your posts create a chain reaction. A good social media strategy will encourage consumers to visit your website and your other social media outlets, and eventually create leads. According to HubSpot, 80% of marketers have stated that their social media efforts have increased traffic. This surge in traffic causes a rise in leads and, hopefully, sales.

The viral potential is actually increasing. Statista states that by 2016 there will be around 2.13 billion (with a b!) social media users around the world, which is up from 1.4 billion in 2012. That is nearly a 66% increase in only four years. Clearly, social media is going to be around a while.

It only takes one post. One post can change the landscape of your business. All it takes is one well-organized post that catches the eye of users. One post can reach all 50 states within 24 hours. This is rare, and the best social strategy is consistent and targeted to your prospective buyers. However, the potential alone should make social media marketing a pretty attractive asset to your bottom line.

Social media has changed SEO. In the past, links were the main off-page factor that search engines considered when analyzing a site’s importance and popularity. However, social media has redesigned that landscape. Search engines now look to social media as a backlink. There are dozens of social factors that search engines evaluate when determining a page’s importance. Social media only increases your page’s opportunity to climb the rankings.

Social media connects you to new people. Social media gives you the opportunity to interact with many new contacts. For example, at 212 Media Studios, we’ve connected with multiple bloggers and marketing experts all over the U.S. and have developed business relationships with them because of our social media efforts.

Social media can significantly increase traffic. Many of our blog readers visit our site because of our social media. In fact, you probably found this webpage because of a social media post. We have developed loyal social media followers that regularly read our blog content because of our sharing on various social networks. Social media unifies our marketing efforts.

There is an unbelievable amount of potential in social media—all it takes is a strong knowledge of how to harness and utilize it. We understand that most marketing teams have enough to worry about. Your plate is full, and social media simply is not something you wish to add to your list of responsibilities. In that case, partnerships can come in handy. Partnering with a firm that understands the ins and outs of social media can be the perfect solution. The social media strategists at 212 Media Studios have been working with social media for years and understand what it takes to create tangible results from social efforts. If you’re looking for a partner that is willing to become part of your enterprise to effectively market online, contact us today online or at 574-306-4811.

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